Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kavita's birthday, Dec 27

Yesterday, Dec 27, was my wife's birthday. We started the day with brunch at Masala (best south Indian food), spent all afternoon with Amit and Aradhana Chabbara at Fatcity, played bowling, laser gun tagging, skated on concrete rink - it was fun.

Later in the evening my wife and I moved on to Buell Theater for All Shook Up, play - musical comedy based on Elvis's top songs. It's amazing how they can enact a story in such a beautiful way with light and sound effects, creative sets and needless to add some very good theater acting.

We ended the day with a cheese cake @ Cheesecake factory. It was fun all together.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dinner with Asheesh Biyala

Out of the blue, Asheesh and I got together for Dinner in Denver on Dec 23 2006 after 20 years!!! Thats something.

We used to go to same school (Grasim Vidya Mandir, he told me now its called Aditya Vikram Birla School) in Nagda, India. We parted ways in 1991 when I moved to Delhi after completing 10th. He found me over the internet while planning vacation to Copper Mountain and Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

It was literraly walking down the memory lane. We remembered all our common friends and teachers-
  • Anant Gupta - he did MBA (Fin), and is in academics in Symbiosis
  • Anant Sharam - he is a doctor and runs his dad's hospital in Nagda
  • Mitesh Sharma - he is doing masters in medicine
  • Devinder - I remember his since he used to catch fishes in nearby pond for his acquarium
  • Manoj Ramchandran - cartoon charater
  • Manoj Gupta - always fighting
  • Ritesh Jain - Jammu, my next door friend
  • Ritesh Tiwari - last I heard about him was from my mom - he is somewhere in Singapore
  • Atul - another next door friend
  • Ankur Shrivastav - lived in BCI, one of my friends
  • Mita Pandit - Another BCI resident
  • Sunil Baby - I connected with him over yahoo groups - I owe him a call.
  • Binoy Joseph - recently made a trip to USA?
  • Jayant Surana - ??
  • Sunil Pachlangia - my cricket buddy in BCI
  • Arun Mishra - he was Madhuri Dixit's fan, had pictures of her all over her house secretly hidden from her father, Mishra sir, who taught us Maths. A bunch of us happen to get notes (which his father had granted him exclusive access) from him in exchange of keeping our mouth shut. Rest is history (I scored 100 in finals)
  • Palwankar Sir - taught physics, Asheesh mentioned he is still there
  • Gautam Sir - our principle, passed away a few years ago
  • Chanchala Raju Madam - taught hindi and Sanskrit
  • Kolekar Madam - taught Mathematics
  • Sharma Madam - English teacher
  • Bharagav Madam - Biology
  • Itiyara Sir - Civics, once told us to watch some Hitler movie on Friday night @ 10PM, boy it had some scenes, I was so embarrassed watching it along with my parents. Asheesh mentioned he had similar experience - so I now know it was just not me.
more later...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Blizzard 2006

Unexpected white powder in Denver Metro. My wife and I had some snow time. My car is still snowed in. Hoping to dig it out later today.