Monday, March 26, 2007

Test blog using Windows Live Writer

test posting.


NDTV (premier news channel in India) recently launched broadcast of their TV feed over the net using flash.

Quality is not that great but gets your news as seen by TV audience. I minesweeped their page for direct link. Good thing about direct link is that it will resize as per window height and width.

Also note that CNN IBN provides similar feed though they use Windows media streaming technology as opposed to Flash and feed quality is superior. Here is the direct mms link.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Please be calm

Everyone of us goes through rough times, least we want at that time is another bad news. That's what Indian cricket team is going through right now. Please show the institution support if not to the team players. We know in our hearts we as a cricket playing nation are very good if not at the top of our game. We will come back very strong.

Its human to be disappointed, to be angry, but act of violence, pelting stones, burning effigies, destroying properties, hurting someone or their family is totally unasked for and completely ridiculous. No reasoning can justify it. I pray for well being of entire cricket institution.

Having said that I sincerely think that one of the reasons we fail to performe is due to immense pressure and expectation we have put on our team. I bet they spend more time thinking about cricket fans as to how they are going to react "in case", as opposed to how to tackle opposite team. But I know nobody cannot fix this, cricket is part and parcel of India. Its just that Indian cricketers have to be mentally strong.

An ardent cricket fan and a strong Indian cricket supporter.