Friday, June 13, 2008

Google Gears as 1st HTML5 implementation

Today Techcrunch posted an article about whats the game play behind Google Gears. Some interesting points:
The choice of Ajax may be because it is simply the best solution, but it may have more to do with the fact that almost every alternate web development technology stack is produced and controlled by a direct competitor (read: Adobe and Microsoft)
To this point however much Adobe claims that AIR supports both Flex and HTML and that they are complimentry, I am sure they know internally that they do compete and any web app (presentation editor, website editor) done in pure HTML and javascript and NOT using Flex is a loss for Adobe.
The idea [Google Gears] was simple: bring forward the features of tomorrow’s web technologies into today’s browsers.

The shortcut was to skip past the browsers and add a new layer above them – the Google web layer. ... Browsers would now do all the boring bits: rendering HTML, presenting an interface, user options etc. while Google leveraged what was there and dashed ahead.
I have decent share of web app development using both HTML/Javascript and Silverlight and I know what it takes to develop against them. A part of me agrees that client framework for cloud computing should be non-proprietry yet supported by a big company. This promises low cost of development from tool and deployment standpoint. Although I would argue that lack of a good development tool seriously hurts adoption of HTML, Javascript and CSS as programming environment.

I am looking forward to such a tool from Google (who else has best interest) that would reduce the cost of entry for new developers into HTML/Javascript world.

Google Gears Presentation from Google IO