Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mentored by Bruce Dines

Bruce Dines, VP & MD of Technology Investments at Liberty Global Ventures (LinkedIn) was the mentor for week 4 session of Founder's Institute.

Bruce talked about all the questions an entrepreneur should be working on to get the clarity in mind, because if you dont have it, than its going to show up in front of a VC or in the market.

I think pitching an idea to a VC is in best interest of an entrepreneur, especially for a rookie like me. Besides the obvious (walking out the door with a check), VC is the first line of defense. If I can convince a VC to put their money into my venture, I should be able to acquire a paying customer as well.

I ran my pitch after the session with him and he said "so its knowledge management". It helped me understand how VCs have buckets in mind and put ideas into them. Also he gave me a thumbs up for my idea.

Thank you Founder Institute to get Bruce to mentor us. This session was invaluable. And thank you Bruce.


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