Sunday, June 27, 2010

Too inexperienced to do a startup?

“So, paradoxically, if you’re too inexperienced to start a startup, what you should do is start one. That’s a way more efficient cure for inexperience than a normal job. In fact, getting a normal job may actually make you less able to start a startup, by turning you into a tame animal who thinks he needs an office to work in and a product manager to tell him what software to write.”
Paul Graham

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recently read Rework and agree with majority of the points made. Here are the best business as compiled by BusinessInsider

  1.  Go: Less mass
  2. Competitors: Who cares what they're doing?
  3. Takedowns: Planning is guessing
  4. Hiring: Resumes are ridiculous
  5. Hiring: Everybody works
  6. Productivity: Long lists don't get done
  7. Productivity: Meetings are toxic
  8. Damage Control: Speed changes everything
  9. Promotion: Marketing is not a department
  10. Promotion: Build an audience
  11. Promotion: Go behind the scenes
  12. Culture: Decisions are temporary
  13. Culture: Sound like you