Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lesson learned from CircleDoc project

CircleDoc started as a hobby, born out of frustration with inability to work with others collaboratively when one team member has opened the "file". I was impressed with Google Docs and thought what if such a feature would be available in widely used application such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Using open source technologies such as Openfire Jabber server and IKVM (thank you), product quickly started taking shape. I launched it and LifeHacker picked it up which resulted into decent number of signups.

One lesson I learned from the entire process was that before launching a product, give a serious thought about how you are going to acquire your customers. Technical folks tend to ignore this and go with "build first and they will come" (read Vivek Wadhwa's Entrepreneur: You’re No Steve Jobs, So Look Before You Leap).

Having launched CircleDoc, this is what I am doing, listening to my early adopters and iterating.

Startup idea: Personal Dr.

Real world application I would pay for. Meet Michael, your personal Doctor. Michael knows lot about your lifestyle, your medical history and your goals. If you are about to feel sick or just wanna know about a disease you heard of, pull up Michael and get your questions answered. Frequently Michael comes up in between your TV programs to suggest may you should go for that run.