Saturday, August 13, 2011

One of Apple's strengths

Following post on PCWorld talks about even though Sony and Dell had laser thin notebooks way before Macbook Air hit the market, they never gained traction. This snippet sums it up.
 “Our customers told us this is what they want, and our market research says this is what people are buying, so we made this great product to address that market!” There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but you’ll never set any trends that way. If you want to make the product that everyone else compares their product to, you have to go outside the envelope. You have to take a risk to build something nobody has told you they want, because they don’t know they want it yet, and then you have to invest in it and stick with it until you get it right. The real irony here is that their marketing departments are constantly striving to find differentiators: ways to set their products apart from the pack. If every company is building products to address the same set of market research data, you’re not going to get differentiated products. src
I think this is where conventional business strategies break and it take guts to do this.

"Switch" book : Rider and elephant

I am reading this book nowadays. It talks about long and short term goals. i have always struggled how to find balance between the two. One of the things that has picked up from it is "some is not a number soon is not a time"

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