Thursday, August 1, 2013

Work with best people

One thing I learned early on in my career is to work with best people. Along with accepting the job with Microsoft, came the headache of moving the family from Denver to Seattle. We chose to buy a house and needed serious mentoring and guidance buying a house. Even though we have bought a house before, Seattle was completely different.

Before we set foot in Seattle we started researching and stumbled upon Ardell's blog. It read like a primer on neighborhoods, prices and types of home. Ardell has quite a bit of celebrity status when it comes to real estate but her phone number was on her blog and I called her. Immediately she struck as an honest and knowledgeable person. Over the time, we just felt like she knows exactly what is best for us, we asked and she agreed to help us find the right home.

We did find just the right home and we are very happy with it.

Being new to a place and all considerations one has to put in identifying location, type of home and how much money is right, its scary to know what you dont know. So if you are in similar boat as we were and need guidance, leave a comment and I will be happy to introduce you to Ardell.