Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rise of middleman

Matthew Ingram posted the rise of aggregators and middlemen, and the shifting balance of power between them and content creators.

At Microsoft, as I work with premium content publishers and bing apps team, I am trying to answer same questions. How to make everybody successful: publishers getting paid for original content they prepare and consumers paying for it.

Its a norm in our  industry to make content freely available.

I think its important to distinguish "original content". Its not like that we dont pay for the content. We buy books, pay for movie tickets and netflix account, buy games on XBox and mobile devices. They are not ad supported. So what's different when it comes to "short form" content such as news reporting, health and entertainment blogs and similar.

I think it is the summary vs actual content and consumer experience. For movies, summary = trailer, actual content = 2hr movie, consumer experience = 3D experience in IMAX theater. You don’t just see an IMAX film, you feel it in your bones.

Why cant this principal be applied to original content?

Today we have devices in our pocket and about to start wearing them. They act as 6th sense, know where we are, what we are doing and what our day looks like. Combine this with original content and provide a rich experience to the consumer. Middlemen and aggregator will help find this rich content which could only be experienced in an environment that is provided by the content publisher.

Now we have a straight link from consumer to publisher.

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